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Is Stress and Anxiety ruling your life?

Is anxiety and stress ruling your life?

One of the common issues that most of my clients raise is the feeling of continued stress, anxiousness, and not being in tune with life. This causes much emotional and psychological stress, which in turn affects the physical health, reducing one’s immunity and vibrancy.

It seems that it is at this lowest point of physical, emotional, and psychological states, that they feel inclined to reach out and get some help. It is at this point, that I get the call for help and to avail the services being offered by Vedic Synergy. As much I feel honored to be part of the client’s wellness/transformative journey and see them rise again like the phoenix, it is also very difficult to see someone at their lowest point, and brings about much compassion.

The common trend that I have noticed is that most people (like myself in an earlier phase of life) try to use their intelligence and their head strength to fix/force the change. If these actions, however, do not bring about the desired result, cause a higher degree of stress and anxiety.

One of the main lessons to learn in this process in the wise words of Abraham Hicks is to stop rowing upstream and flow downstream. As much as the words/advice make sense logically, it is not always easy to implement, especially for those who are super intelligent or perfectionists. The conflict at this stage is usually between the head and the heart – I can fix it vs I can allow my heart or the Universe to fix.

Spiritually, flowing with the Universe on a moment-by-moment basis will help us to stop our minds from controlling us which causes the never-ending stress. It is when we can truly encompass this concept and allow the Universe to truly guide us by detaching we are actually helping ourselves to move our lives forward and takes away the higher levels of anxiousness. This of course, does not mean do no action and be lazy, but do the actions fully in the moment and not try to force the results but allow the Universe to bring them to you. After all, Diving timing is at work in our lives and can bring even better results than what we imagine. So allowing or flowing downstream is essential.

Living in the present, moment-to-moment basis allows us to be fully in the gift of time that has been granted to us will prevent beating ourselves up and actually relaxing. It will allow us to be kind and compassionate to ourselves, increasing our joyous energy, which in turn increases our positive energy, bringing about the appropriate changes easily.

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