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Did the ancient civilization of Atlantis know about this?

Was the concept of the Violet Flame known in the ancient civilization of Atlantis?

The Violet Flame or Violet Fire is considered to be a high frequency spiritual energy that resides in one’s Higher Consciousness or I AM. Just as the pure colors in the rainbow have Violet as the color, similarly this is considered to also come from the seventh ray. The Violet Fire represents Forgiveness, Transmutation, and Freedom.

It is believed (with faith) that the Violet Flame of Transmutation flows from the hands of St. Germain, is directed by Arch Angel Zadkiel, and the healing time is raised by the power of 10 by Ascendant Master Omri-Tas if invoked with sincere devotion for 15 minutes.

The Violet Flame functions on the concept of vibration and permeates in each cell in the body, mind, emotions, and subconscious memory. It expands to cleanse and purify our Chakras and Aura, bringing about a transmutation of all four layers of the body – physical, mental, astral and etheric (covering karmic records) into positive light and love.

It is the highest alchemy of transformation of human consciousness into the purity of the I AM!

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