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Different names of Lord Vishnu

Vedic Synergy focuses on Ayurvedic Wellness and Spiritual healing and during our Advanced course we do expose our clients to concepts, and mantras from the Vedic texts like the Bhagavad Gita.

During one of these sessions, one of my clients asked to understand the different names of Lord Vishnu other than Narayana (which came up in a bhajan). In keeping with this request, I have shown below some of the more common names used for Lord Vishnu and the meaning of these names.

Vishnu is respectfully also known as:

  • Aditya – Child of the Infinite

  • Anandi – Bringer of Joy

  • Anant – He who is endless

  • Atmavan – The Knower of Self

  • Bhagavan – Full of Glory

  • Brahman – Supreme Godhead

  • Deva – Shining One

  • Dharma – The Eternal Law

  • Disha – Showing the right direction

  • Gnaneshwar – Lord of All beings

  • Guru – Spiritual Teacher

  • Ishwara – Lord of all Opulence

  • Janardhan – The destroyer of people’s distress

  • Kamdev – He who fulfills all desires

  • Madhava – The master of Goddess Lakshmi

  • Mahendra – Lord of lords

  • Manohar – Stealer of Hearts

  • Paramatma – The Supreme Self

  • Parameshwar – Supreme Lord Almighty

  • Prabhu – Lord of All

  • Sarva – All in all

  • Sharanam – Shelter of all

  • Trilokesh – Lord of the three realms

  • Vishvam – He who is everything

  • Vishvatma – the Self in all

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