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Pranic Healing - Conditions for Soul Realization

According to Pranic Healing, “achieving oneness with the Higher Soul is called Soul Realization” – Master Choa Kuk Soi.

Master Cho Kuk Soi has explained that in the present time, there is a potential for millions to achieve Soul Realization, if we satisfy the following conditions:

  • Practice humility

  • Give up pride and self-delusion

  • Practice loving-kindness

  • Give up anger, hatred and vindictiveness.

  • Practice generosity

  • Avoid greed and stealing in its different aspects

  • Practice a mature type of honesty

  • Avoid maliciousness and exploiting lies

  • Practice moderation

  • Avoid excessiveness

  • Do not allow yourself to be enslaved by your lower nature

The above has been taken from this Source: “The Existence of God is Self-Evident , 2nd Edition” – Master Choa Kuk Soi

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