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Ayurvedic Wellness

Ayurveda teaches us to live our lives in balance – physically, emotionally, and psychologically. If you are currently facing any imbalances, it is essential to go inwards and heal them through spiritual healing techniques.

Ayurveda brings in balance by evaluating our diet, habits, exercise and lifestyle. We learn what are our strengths and a better understanding of ourselves allow us to operate better with others rather than forcing them to constantly adjust to our needs.

Ayurvedic wellness covers not only the guidance of diet, exercise, lifestyle, breathing practices according to dosha but also the following:

  • How to accept ourselves completely and improve our relationships with others

  • Creation of habits that are in accordance with daily and seasonal guidelines based on Ayurveda

  • Recommendation of yoga asanas by dosha

  • Vedic Meditation techniques and mantras

  • Chakra balancing to optimize physical, emotional and psychological wellbeing

  • Aromatherapy suggestions in relation to Ayurvedic guidelines.

At Vedic Synergy, we offer coaching services covering the above – Ayurvedic Wellness and Spiritual Healing!

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