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Suggestions on Pitta's Yoga Practice

Ayurveda makes the following suggestions for Pitta constitution individuals to focus on during their Yoga practice:

  • Practice at a moderate pace and avoid doing your Yoga in a heated space.

  • Focus on how the yoga experience in your body and not your brain.

  • Work at an 80% effort and do not overstrain yourself.

  • During the practice, try to avoid being critical of yourself and instead immerse in being in the moment and enjoying the posture. Remind yourself that Yoga is not a competition and it is more for your self-healing.

  • Give yourself enough practice space.

  • Focus on your exhalation breath to release any negativity (anger, frustration, stress).

  • Be aware of your breath in your back body and ribs/chest. Postures that open the chest is beneficial.

  • Focus on twists and side body openers.

  • Have a cool, calm, relaxed intention during your asanas and it is preferable for you to indulge your yoga practice during the dawn and dusk.

  • Remember less is more to enjoy the relaxing Yoga session!

If you are unsure of your constitution and would like to explore the wellness guidance once we have made the determination, please contact us at

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